A Look at the Main Features of Xbox

Released in North America on November 2001, the Xbox gaming console is US software giant Microsoft’s answer to the game consoles of technology heavyweights such as Sony (PlayStation) Sega (Dreamcast), and Nintendo (GameCube, Wii). The best thing about this console is that it truly offers players from all over the world the chance to connect with each other, through the launch of the Integrated Xbox Live Service in November 2002.  The Xbox is also the first game console developed by an American company, after the demise of Atari’s Jaguar in 1996.  Here’s a look at the history, and general features of the Xbox game console. 

The Arrival of The Xbox 360

The original version of the Xbox gaming console was successful in North America and Europe, but it failed to gain a major foothold in Japan and the Far East, owing to the intense competition by Japanese game makers Nintendo and Sony.  The successor to the original Xbox, the Xbox 360 was officially released to the market in May 12, 2005, and by this time production of the original console was halted. The Xbox 360 though supports only a limited number of games in the original Xbox library,  and original Xbox games cannot be transferred to the 360, although a system link has already made it possible to play Xbox games with the Xbox 360.  

Accessories And Controllers

The standard Xbox controller is made up of two analog sticks, two analog triggers, A Back button, Black and white buttons, 2 accessory slots, six 8-bit analog action buttons, Start button and a pressure-sensitive direction pad.  The game console’s controller was also bundled with other Xbox components and systems in all areas, except Japan, and it was criticized by customers to be quite bulky, as compared to other video game joysticks or controllers. In 2001, game review magazine Game Informer called it the “Blunder of The Year”, and the Guinness World Records Gamers’ Edition in 2008 gave it the record for being the Biggest Controller. In Japan however, a new “Controller S” version was made available for users with small hands, and this was also released in other areas of Asia and the world as well. The Xbox 360 is also equipped with a removable 8-MB solid-state memory card which can be plugged into the controllers.   Saved games can also be copied from the hard drive when in the Xbox’s dashboard memory manager.

Xbox’s Most Popular Games

The original Xbox gaming console is also equipped with a standard AV cable, which offers monaural (stereo audio) and composite video to television sets that are equipped with RCA outputs.  The European version of the Xbox is also equipped with an RCA to SCART converter block, along with a conventional AV cable. In 2002 and 2003, the game console launched is interactive Xbox Live online service, which allowed players from different parts of the world to outwit each other in real-time. Pilot games like Tom Clancy’s GhostRecon and Splinter Cell, MotoGP, MechAssault,  Ninja Gaiden, LucasArt’s Star Wars proved to be blockbusters. An amended exclusivity deal between Take Two Interactive and Sony also allowed games like Grand Theft Auto 3 and its sequels to be played in the Xbox. 

2012's Most Popular Xbox 360 Games

The Xbox gaming console is Microsoft's answer to the competition posed by overseas game console makers like Nintendo, Sega and others.  Xbox was launched in the second half of 2001 in the US, and the first half of 2002 in Japan and Australia. Today, more interactive and fun games are available for acid boy and girl gamers, and with the release of the enhanced Xbox 360 console, players can enjoy sharper, crisper and more exciting games, and be fully satisfied at owning a console that offers cutting-edge hardware, software and other useful features. Here's a list of a few of the most popular Xbox 360 games for this year.

What's Great About The Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 is a notch higher than other gaming consoles, because it offers players a specially-designed console which combines the features of a video game device, media center, and download tool for accessing all types of media online, from music, game content, digital pictures and even current movies and TV programs.

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