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Exhilarating PS2 Games For Girls

The PlayStation game console was launched in 1994 in Japan by global electronics giant Sony.  Its updated version, PlayStation 2 was launched in 2000, and new games are still being released until today.  PS2 offers different game styles for girls, and girls of any age level will surely be able to find interesting games to pay, from educational puzzles to action-filled combat games.  Here's an overview of a few great PS2 games for girls aged 6 to 14 years old.

Disney Sing It

Disney Sing It is an interactive singing game which allows young ladies to sing along with their favorite Disney characters and songs.  The game offers a multiplayer function, which allows girls to compete  against each other, and find out who is the best singer.  Disney Sing It is designed for girls aged 7 to 14 years old.

Dora The Explorer: Dora SavesThe Mermaids

Based on the very popular cartoon character, Dora The Explorer: Dora Saves The Mermaids follows Dora's quest to save the planet from an octopus who's polluting the world's oceans.  The good thing about this game is that it also offers players a number of mini-games like matching colors and shapes.

Barbie Horse Adventures:  Riding Camp

This truly cute Barbie game for PlayStation 2 allows players to raise, feed, groom and train different horses in a ranch.  Players also teach their horses to jump and compete in a wide array of events.  Barbie Horse Adventures:Riding Camp is designed for girls aged 7 to 12 years old.

Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour

This PlayStation 2 game follows the actual locations based on the Hanna Montana global concert tour.  The game combines both a dance game, fashion game along with an assortment of  other exciting mini-games. Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour is designed for girls aged 6 to 9 years old. 

Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey

In this exciting Disney Princess game, players get to choose how their favorite character will look like, and what she wears.  Players must also be able to free different princess worlds from a fiendish ex-princess.  There are also other several mini-games available.  This game is configured for girls aged 6 to 10 years old.

Petz Horsez 2

If you love raising,rearing and training horses, but you just can't afford buying one, then this game will surely be a nice one to have at home.  Here, you feed and train your horse on a ranch, and once the horse reaches the full age of maturity, you can now let him join contests and other competitive races. The game is designed for girls aged  7 to 12. 

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Cool PS3 Games For Girls


EyePet is a virtual pet game that's designed for use in PlayStation 3.  The virtual pet is projected into the player's living room, where he can interact and play with you and the whole family. Players can use the PS3 Eye Camera and Move motion controller to control toys or move objects with your hands. Players can also create real-world drawings and watch them amazingly come to life as 3D toys, which the virtual pet can also play onscreen.  The game's main attractions include the ability to customise the EyePet to show off your own style, record your favorite EyePet movements and actions, and look after your EyePet every day (feed, wash and cuddle the virtual pet).  Every young girl and boy will truly love playing and caring for the EyePet.  Parents will definitely love including this fully interactive game into their PlayStation 3 collection. 

Barbie Explorer

Created by Vivendi Universal, Barbie Explorer shows how Mattel has smoothly made the transition from PC games to the PlayStation realm.  In this game, Barbie's mission is to find ancient jeweled treasures, as well as uncover the secret of the Mystic Mirror. The game offers four progressively-challenging puzzles that are found at each location, along with multi-player options which allow children to safely play at their skill level. Although the game's higher levels can be a bit challenging, this PS3 game will certainly be a hit for both girls and boys.

SingStar Volume 2

Fans of the original SingStar game will surely croon with delight with the release of SingStar Volume 2 for PS3.  This fully interactive game offers thirty new tracks, advanced PSP Remote abilities, enhanced personalisation levels, and access to the My SingStar online community. Whether you're a hip-hop fanatic, country music lover, alternative rocker or pop-music diva, SingStar Volume 2 truly offers any music lover something great to sing about. 

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Xbox 360 Games For Girls Of All Ages

Thrillville: Off The Rails

In this Xbox 360 game for girls, players can create theme parks, complete with theme rides and roller coasters.

Rock Band

This truly popular Xbox game allows teenage girls to get together with their close friends, and form the perfect rock band. They can use guitars, microphones and drums to play the great classics, to today's popular billboard Top 40 hits.

SpongeBob's Truth Or Square

If you love following SpongeBob's funny adventure on television, this game will surely be a very nice addition to your Xbox collection. Here, you help SpongeBob find the recipe for the Krusty Krab restaurant. This game offers 10 unique levels, where players must solve different puzzles, as well as win battles to get the right recipe formula. It also enables two or more children to work together and collectively solve each puzzle or clue.

Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa

This Xbox game for both girls and boys is based on the motion pictutre hit of the same title. In this game, players are challenged to ensure that Alex, amrty, Melman and Gloria are able to safely return to New York by finding a plane to board on. In htis exciting game, players need to go through multiple levels and mini-games, to successfully bring the main characters back home to New York.

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