Educational Games for Game-Girls

Here's a short list of exciting and interactive game suggestions for the active game-girl.      

Cooking Games

We all know that little girls love cooking, while the boys are often only good at eating, and running around the garden digging up worms, or playing simulated war games with their own kind. The good things is that there are hundreds of fun and exciting cooking game ideas for girls online, and in the bookstores or toy shops.  For online cooking games, girls can choose from a hundred web sites that offer these type of recreational activities.  The can choose from Seaside Grilled Corn, Squirrel Nutty Treats, Cosmic Breakfast, The Cutest Meal, Create Your Wedding Cake, Sushi Grand Prix,  Muffin Madness, Pancake Dress Up, Perfect Pizza Match, Shrimp Mango Salad, Cooking Academy and more. The best thing is that the web sites who offer these games don't charge anything to their users.   

Fashion Games

Girls love talking about make up and clothes, and they also like experimenting with makeup, as well as  dressing up their favorite characters.  An good online Dress-Up game is 2010 Fall Fashion. In this online game, fall has finally arrived and so has Fashion Week . Girls need to dress up in their chosen model with the most stunning clothes, fashion pieces and accessories, prepare their make up, and get them ready for the cat walk.  Other fun dress up game ideas include Disney Princess, Ashley Vs. Vanessa, Super Iron Champ, 4 Seasons Fashion, Adventure In Paris, A Night Of Dreaming, A Ballroom To Dress For, Play A Fabulous Fairy and More.       

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