Guitar Hero

It's not only boys who are into rock and roll these days, but girls too.  One of the most popular Xbox games for girls these days is Guitar Hero.  The video game can be played on the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Wii.  The new Guitar Hero game variant  now includes artists such as Aerosmith, Metallica, Blink 182, The Killers and more.  The game also allows players to download songs from a database that includes thousands of rock classics, New wave tracks and current favorites.

The Guitar Hero game series for Xbox is great for both boys and girls. Players can use a plastic guitar, microphone or drum kit to sing a wide assortment of  songs from the hippie 60's, until the swashbuckling 70's, New Wave 80's and Grunge 90's, up to the Top 40 hits of today.  Players can also select from a wide array of levels, and newbie gamers will have an easy time learning how to play,  because of the game's helpful tutorials. Guitar Hero also offers a Character Creation mode, which allows players to design their own rocker, and let their chosen rock star wear different outfits, accessories and instruments. And if you think this game only offers a small library of songs, you're wrong.  Guitar Hero has thousands of songs from different artists of all genres, so you can definitely  sing to your heart's content.



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