Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The next addition to the popular Elder Scrolls series is Skyrim. Released in November 2011 Skyrim has become an extremely popular Role Playing Game. But beware, before becoming immersed in the world of Skyrim just be prepared to relinquish your social life. The game’s story mode features an awesome 50 hours of game play and that’s just playing the main quests! It has been estimated that with the numerous side quests added in, players can expect anywhere up to 400 hours of game time! That’s just for one play through!

The game features an expansive open world which allows players to roam around, doing quests as they please. Skyrim also allows players to craft armour and weapons in order to build better items as well as enchant items in order to receive better stats. Just wait, there’s more!

Probably the best perk of Skyrim yet – are the dragons. At any time during the game, your character can simply be attacked by a massive dragon. The dragon’s roam the map choosing, yes choosing, to attack players as they please and it’s up to you to slay the dragon in order to receive special skills from them.

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