Dead Island

-Available on PC Playstation 3 Xbox 360

Released in September, 2011 Dead Island is an exciting new zombie-infested first person survival game. Developed by Techland it features an open world island in which players can complete quests at their will; whilst smashin' up some zombies on the way. Dead Island features 4 characters from which to choose, each with their own stats and story to tell.

There is a major emphasis on melee combat with players being able to use literally, and we mean literally, anything in order to fight of the zombie infestation. In Dead Island it's not uncommon to bash a zombie with as little as an oar. The only issue with your weapons is durability. Players can find themselves becoming extremely frustrated with the small amount of durability that weapons have.

Even though the game itself is not scary, it is excruciatingly eerie. As you’re roaming around on the tropical island you never know where a zombie is – making for an absolutely awesome game!

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