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Dance Central 2

- Available on Xbox 360

Dance Central 2 is the newest sequal to the popular Dance Central series. With all new features, game modes and songs; Dance Central fans are sure to get their monies worth with this exciting game.

Girls just love dancing to their favorite club tracks and hip-hop beats. With Dance Central 2, you can now move and groove with your friends or siblings in your living room.  Dance Central 2 has successfully managed to keep the very addictive Dance Central tradition alive.  Here, friends can team up to Perform It, or they can choose to go head-to-head in a synchronized dance-off in Dance Battle.  The best thing about this game is that players can opt to drop out at any point during a song or dance number. 

Whoever said games were unhealthy for you? Dance Central 2 has an excercise feature which allows player to have a full workout whilst bustin' a move to their favourite tracks.

With dance Central 2, the party never stops in the living room.

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